France Leads Europe with Ban on Lion Trophies

It’s about time!

This comes months after the public outcry over Cecil, but I guess the wheels of bureaucracy just turn slow.

France will no longer issue permits to allow lions to be hunted for silly trophies. And they’re looking to enforce stricter measures on other animals:

France’s environmental minister Ségolène Royal in a letter.

“Concerning other species trophies,” she wrote, “I am in favour of a much stronger control for hunting trophies and this issue will be discussed with all the countries concerned and with the EU.”

France is the first state in the European Union to act as such, though the entire EU was called upon by conservationists this past summer to ban lion trophies. International outrage was sparked after a dentist from Minnesota slaughtered Cecil, a beloved and protected figure in Zimbabwe’s National Park.

You can read all the details here.


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