Kikkoman Stops Pointless Animal Testing

After it was exposed that Kikkoman was using animals in experiments to test health claims of it’s soy sauce, the company received a full backlash of critical media.

And in response, has now made a commitment to stop animal testing. From their website:

Now, Kikkoman is committed to non-animal approaches to test the safety of our products when we use biological methods. Kikkoman is introducing and developing non-animal testing methods, and conducts no animal testing across any of its product lines.

This is great news, but it does come with a caveat:

However, on rare occasions, we must do so to be accountable for public safety and to comply with the demands of government authorities in several countries.

So it seems that some tests will still have to be carried out on animals…on rare occasions.

Not a complete victory…but a step in the right direction.


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