Vegan Travelling May Have Gotten A Little Easier

This new app called Veganagogo seems like it will help quite nicely when wandering through countries where, let’s face it, we’ve been too lazy to learn their lingo. Here’s what they’ve got to say about it:

Veganagogo aims to provide the modern vegan traveller with an app that lends confidence to a situation that has filled vegans with dread for decades; ordering vegan food on the road.

As well as defining what a vegan is, Veganagogo addresses many of the needs that the travelling vegan faces on a daily basis, from locating a restaurant that serves vegan fare, to choosing suitable items from the menu, down to thanking the chef, waiter, concierge, market-stall holder or friendly local.

Veganagogo is intuitive and easy to use. The user simply chooses a question or statement from those on offer, then selects from one of 50 languages available before tapping the translate button and being presented with their translation.

The translation screen text has been optimised to be displayed at distance. It can be flicked between night and day modes, making the text easy to read in all lighting conditions.

Veganagogo enlisted the drawing talents of Australian illustrator, Cat MacInnnes to create a range of animal icons, that add to the usability of the app, whilst maintaining its simplicity.

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